I admit that after all of the Christmas was down from the fireplace, I was feeling lost as to what to do next.  It's too early to put up springy stuff...........but Christmas was over and done.  So I decided to go with a fairly "stark" winter look.

I left up my "window turned kinda-sorta mirror" that I had up during Christmas (one of my many old windows that I painted on the back with brushed nickel spray paint).  

In front of it I took a frame I had on hand that I spray painted dover white and staple-gunned sticks to on the back (you can see that there are several that poke out the front too - I think it gives it a little whimsy).

The wreath is actually made of an embroidery hoop and fold-over lunch baggies (I know right?  There's a tut at Family Fun).  I had it on the front door during Christmas and decided it went really well with the wintry mix I was going for!

Last but not least is a set of 4 canvases I made to represent the 4 seasons.  I just picked up 8x10 canvases in the craft dept. at Walmart (they come in packs of 2) and used a graphic I found online and my nifty cricut with black vinyl.  Eventually I want to make an arrangement on the wall with them and put the verse from Ecclesiastes on how everything has a season.  But for now I like them resting against the other layers on the mantel :)

I have ZERO inspiration yet on what I'll do for spring..........good thing I've got a little bit!


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  1. I LOVE the sticks!

    So glad I found your blog!

  2. Erin says:

    love it!

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