I HAVE actually been keeping up with DOING the weekly challenge, I just haven't been quite as good about blogging about them.

I grabbed a 3-ring-binder I had already and dressed it up with some white vinyl I cut with my trusty Cricut :)  Inside holds a ton of information and some forms that I'm trying out to see which ones best fit our needs :)

We actually have 3 spaces to our launch pad, all within about 2 steps of each other.

The first is this cabinet that I found at a garage sale last summer.  Inside the doors is a huge basket that holds all of our scarves, gloves, hats, baseball gloves, etc.  I'm still looking for the perfect baskets for the shelf underneath.

Second is the antique 5 paneled door that I hung sideways and attached 5 vintage door knobs and plates to.  Each family member has their own knob to hang their coat on, and there's a bench underneath to sit and take off snow pants, boots, etc.

And lastly is the paper station.  This crib spring holds work schedules, important school notes, lunch menus, etc., and magazines and misc papers go in the basket to be sorted.  This bench is also where I set my purse - it's out of the way but still accessible.

I'm still working on Week #3 (this week) so stay tuned!


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  1. Toni says:

    VERY cute! Thanks for linking up! :)


  2. Great Job! I have a new linky party beginning Thursday,the 3rd. I am inviting you to join in.

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