What a fun new linky party!
Here are the rules:

1. spend the week looking for interesting, funny, cute, special, lovely, ugly, silly, crude (okay maybe not crude), or worthy pictures. and by that i mean pretty much anything.
2. when you find them, snap a shot with your phone.
3. then on tuesday, upload it into your blog!
4. and tell us about it.
5. LINK UP on the linky party.
6. take the button if you play so everyone knows!

Ok but since it's the first one, I'm just going to show you what's already on my phone :)

 Peyton FINALLY got to make a snowman - and it was almost as tall as him!

 Sometimes they really do love each other (Granny & Papa's)

 Brylie just being cheesy :)

 Somehow, no matter where we go, if it's just the hubby and I, we attract fire (or at least fire alarms, and no we don't set them off, lol).  This was just awhile back in Central City, CO when we were up there playing slots.

Being goofy (Granny & Papa's)

 It's just Brylie - this kid has so many faces! lol

and again........

 she decided she could do a better job at cleaning out the dishwasher than her brother (and on a side note, the kitchen looks dramatically different now! lol)

 Brylie had fallen asleep on me, and when I had to get up to cook supper, she just slithered right off of me and continued her nap!

 Brylie showing her Great Grandma ("White Grandma") how to play Dora on the iTouch - they have such a special connection, I'm so glad that I can have them both in my life at the same time :)  This was at Thanksgiving.

 No, she's not pouting, she's not even playing, she's SLEEPING!

 Brylie gathering eggs at Grandma Dorothy's (this was while they were staying with my parents when hubby had his surgery)

and speaking of hubby's surgery - a big cyst was removed from his neck in October - in fact this was just a few days before Halloween!  Can you say Frankenstein?

 playing on Grandpa's antique machinery (while they were staying during hubby's surgery)

 That much elbow grease and I'm only that far?  It looks great now though, so worth all of the work :)

Jazlyn modeling these dorky glasses at Walmart - did people really buy these to wear?  hehe

So there won't usually be that many pictures, but I wanted to load most of the ones I keep permanently on my phone :)


2 Responses so far.

  1. gotta love WalMart, haha!
    that surgery looked totally ouchy, hope he's alright now!
    i can't believe your lil girl slept like that, hahaha! i wish i could deep sleep!

  2. ok that frankenstein picture? *chills* but kinda cool still.

    thanks for playing with us!

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