Can't go wrong with chocolate!  Especially Dove milk chocolate..............
excuse my while I go get me chocolate fix..............

Okay, I'm back ;)

I made this for my secret sister in our woman's group at church.  It's simple but gets lots of oooh's and ahhhh's!

You need a can with a tab top.  I used a Campbell's Chunky Soup can, but I've used others before too, just make sure the bottom of the can doesn't have rounded edges.

 Using my Pampered Chef can opener (the kind that opens the can from the outside edge instead of cutting the top) I took off the BOTTOM of the can, warmed up my soup and ate lunch while the can and bottom "lid" ran through the dishwasher.  If you think about it, save the label - it will make your life easier ;)

After your tummy is full and your can is clean and dry, it's time to get to the fun stuff!  Grab yourself some fun papers and a bag of chocolate (or whatever you want to give - I did this once for a 40-year-old's gag gift and filled it with prunes, but I think chocolate tastes better, hehe!).  

If you've kept your label, all you need to do is measure it and cut your papers accordingly.  I chose to make a few layers with mine, and the top layer includes a chocolate label in French that I acquired from the lovely Graphics Fairy.  Not only is it beautiful but it also suits the gift :)

I like to use hot glue to adhere the cardstock/paper to the can.  You have to watch how bulky it can get if you use this, but I've tried the red sticky tape and loads of other scrapbooking/paper craft adhesives with little luck.  Once you've got your layout ready, just attach the papers (one layer at a time) to the can, putting all of the seams in the "back".  IMPORTANT:  Make sure that you don't put these on upside down!  It's easy to do with the bottom lid off - make sure you've had your Dr Pepper and are paying attention ;)

Now fill up your can with the goodies!  I was surprised that this can took the entire bag of Dove promises! 

Now get out your trusty Gorilla Glue super glue.  This stuff is AWESOME!!!  I use it all.the.time (especially helpful since I'm often doing things last minute and this stuff dries TOUGH and QUICK!).

Have your can full of yummies sitting close and put a small bead of the super glue around the rim of the bottom "lid", then quickly put it in place on the can!  

Now eat that piece of chocolate you kept out of the can.

Ok, glue is set and you can turn it right side up and accessorize!

I found some fun crocheted lace at the thrift store and decided to use it to make a flower.  I took a small circle of felt and hot glued the lace to it, gathering it slightly as I went along.

I had intended to glue the button in the center and go on, but I felt like the flower was too big, so I just took and doubled it back, gluing the outside edge of the flower to the back, making this cute and chubby flower!   
You can use ribbon tied to the tab top (which I ended up doing with a name tag on it), you can tie ribbon around the middle, on top of the papers, there are a million ways you can dress your can up!  
This is such a fun and unexpected "gift wrap" - I just love to use it!  Not only is is "green" and resourceful, but it's unusual and handmade - the best!

I'm so excited to be sharing my first tutorial at the Feb DIY Project Party!  Go check out all of the awesome tutorials other crafters have shared - they'll inspire you!

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  1. Melanna says:

    My mom has this can opener, and we used to do stuff like this as kids. I think I need to get this can opener just for craft projects. Is that a bad reason to get a can opener?
    I think this is so pretty, and who doesn't love a tin full of chocolate??

  2. Melissa says:

    I think this a so cute, and such a great gift idea.

  3. Holly says:

    This is beautiful. I love packaging hings in unique ways and this is one for sure. And you decorated it so beautifully.
    504 Main
    The DIY Club

  4. I saw this at the Sunday Showcase and would love you to link this up at my place as well. I have a link party going on through tonight!

  5. I love these--they are such a cute idea.


  6. Sara says:

    I love the flower. I wish I could be creative like that and make some cute flowers randomly!

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