I am SO excited to share this one with you!

I fell in love with Hoosier cabinets last summer and asked my parents to keep their eyes open for one at auctions.  It was looking pretty grim though - they're rarely found in these parts, and if they are, they're $$$.  I started looking for other cabinets to fill the niche in my dining room, but none of them fit the bill - until I saw this beauty on the online classifieds -- a Hoosier, for $70!!!:

Okay, it wasn't quite so beautiful - yet!  I saw all of it's awesome potential - even though she had been cut in two.  The top had been hung on the shed wall (with peeling paint and warped oak veneer), the bottom had received a new "top" of shelves, which I liked, even though they were not original.  The drawers were, for the most part, in great shape - even the tin drawer that had been used to store flour in her glory days.  Overall the pull out enamel "counter" was good too! 

This was a piece that had been dearly loved by several generations, but it was time for a new family - and that starts with me!  My dad happened to be driving by the town that this was located (1 1/2 hours away) and asked if I wanted to hitch a ride and get it - um, duh!  hehe!  Mom and Dad also contributed to the cost of it for my birthday and I cannot think of a present I would have rather had! {as I'm typing this and recalling the events I'm getting all giddy again!}  We had a wonderful time visiting with the owner's daughter (she was cleaning out her parents' home) and all of us "junk lovers" had a great time digging in the attic (you should see the banister and spindles I got out of there!  another post..........) and imagining what things could be.

Needless to say we loaded this baby up and we were off!  I knew immediately that the veneer was too damaged to repair (and I know nothing about replacing veneer) so I decided I would sand and repaint it.  Knowing I'd be removing the panels that had the veneer on them, I tossed around a few ideas of putting in chicken wire or bead board, but the suggestion was made to use some hail screen.  Just so happened my grandpa had some he wasn't using anymore, and sent it back home with my dad -- it was PERFECT!!!  I did have to add bead board to the back of the top section, however, as the back that was on there was all but dust.

The bottom didn't take much work at all - just some sanding to get off the loose paint and then the entire piece got a few coats of Cashmere (Kilz) paint.  After all was painted I brought it inside and aged the piece (I wouldn't want it to look too shiny and new!).  Using my palm sander I roughed up the edges and hardware, then did some spot applications of a dark walnut stain to bring out the rough parts (you can see on the top section where the previous green peeks through a bit - love it!).  You can click on any image to enlarge it.

I could not be happier with my dear Hoosier!  I love playing with the accessories in it, and just simply seeing the transformation.  Renee, I hope seeing it's new home warms your heart :)  I truly love it!


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