(I'm starting to sound like my mom - "I might need that someday!")

Okay but really - why throw them out when you can make something cute like this?:

Okay, you can't make the little girl, she's ONE.OF.A.KIND let me tell ya!  I'm talking about the skirt ;)

See!  Now, for the life of my I cannot find the link that had the quick instructions to make this, but I'll try to explain as best I can :)

Edited to add:  I found it!  Here is where I got the inspiration (and instructions): 

1) sew the ties together from the end (V) to the top, slightly overlapping right over left and topstitching

2) determine the desired length of your skirt (I made Brylie's 11 1/2 inches knowing we'd wear things like tights and leggings underneath - make sure if you're making an elastic casing that you add those measurements to the length!) and cut

3) you can finish this off a couple of different ways - I chose to sew the first and last ties together as I did the rest of the skirt and then just sew a casing for elastic at the top.  You can also sew in a zipper between the first and last ties and finish the top of using the skinny end of another tie.

Okay, so I'm no sewing teacher, but I hope that all makes sense :)  If not feel free to give me a holler and I'll do my best to help you out!

I used 11 ties for Brylie's skirt (she wears a 5T) and it was perfect.  After posting these images on facebook I found out that the ties belonged to a good friend's father who passed away last fall - she had just taken a boat load of them to the thrift store just a few days before I went in and got them!  hehe

Anyway, I'm finding more and more things you can make with old ties, but this is by far my favorite!  I think I'll look for some black and gold ties (our local school colors), make a longer skirt and not sew them all the way down so that they're "flappy" and have some movement!  Fun!

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  1. I LOVE these skirts! I tried to make one in high school but never finished it! I just wanted to let you know that I love this party link and am highlighting it tomorrow @ 4:00 PM on Polly Want a Crafter! I hope you get some new visitors!

  2. Too cute! What a fun idea. :) Thanks for posting--I've a couple little girls who would look too cute in one also. :)

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