This project was done out of necessity.  You see, the previous owners installed this really ugly, nasty AC unit INTO the wall (I don't just mean set in there - like we'll have to tear the wall apart to get the dumb thing out, ugh).  It's not functional anymore, but I really don't like looking at it.  When I redid the family room, I moved the piano to that wall, but knew I needed something to conceal that eye sore.  I eyed this huge frame (all but the length of the piano) for weeks at the thrift store before I finally gave in.  I put a piece of backing from a bookshelf (cut to fit) in and spray painted it all.  Then I created a "book wreath" from music pages (also from the thrift) instead of book pages and hung it in the middle!  I set it up on the piano and wahlah!

PS - my leaning candle is sitting on a candle holder I made from a candle stick holder and some pretty ashtrays!

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