I fell in love with farmhouse tables, and my love for them only grew as I saw ladies transforming them with dark stain on top and white(ish) painted legs and apron that have been distressed.  So I started my hunt for the perfect table at the perfect price.  It wasn't too long when I came across this on craigslist:

That was the picture on the ad.  And guess what she wanted for it?!?!?!  $25!!!!  Just my kind of deal!  The top was REALLY rough - paint, glitter glue, and spills amongst other stains and damage.  But you know me, I don't want things that look new, so it was perfect!

Let me tell you, this things is HEAVY!!!  Even just carrying around one of the legs is HEAVY.  It's solid oak - it'll be around for a loooooong time!

And here she is, just as I envisioned her:

 GORGEOUS chunky legs that distressed so well!

 It took a lot of elbow grease, but I was able to sand out all of the paint and such.  There are still some deeper scratches that remain, but I think they're beautiful!

The legs got the same Cashmere paint/sanding/dark walnut stain treatment as {My Hoosier} and the top got my first attempt at staining with the dark walnut stain and then sealed with rub-on poly.  Still not quite sure that was the best choice for sealant, but it works for now :)

It's a nice big table that can comfortably fit 8, maybe 10 if we really wanted to!

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  1. gina3 says:

    Major transformation and such a deal. It turned out great! Love those benches and that chair!

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