Yeahhhhhh, well.........

There's not much on my phone this week (especially compared to last week!).

Our house has been consumed the last week by this:

and this

Yup, our 4 year old little girl had an accident involving boiling water and ended up with these horrible burns :(  And then a few days later it had started to get infected, so the dr had to scrub (and yes I do mean scrub in the literal sense) her burns to get the dead skin off.  By far the worst thing that I've had to endure as a parent.

The good news is these pictures were taken 2 days AFTER the scrubbing and show us (that saw it to begin with) how much better it's getting already!  All of that really really red skin is the new skin!

It's been a rough week's time and has involved LOTS of bandage changes, tylenol with codeine, and cuddles, but she's getting better quickly :)

Those are the two pictures on my phone!


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