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Awhile back I purchased an ADORABLE pack of fat quarters (6 of them).  I didn't know what I was going to make, but I figured I could make SOMETHING with 6 fat quarters, even if I had to do some piecing.

Then this last week I spotted this Twirly Skirt tutorial and I knew instantly that's what I wanted to do!  Now since I had 6 fat quarters instead of a full yard I had to do some piecing but it all worked out :)  The only thing I didn't do was to make a tie - that's the beauty of sewing, you can do it as you please!

Anyway, it turned out ADORABLE and I LOVE the skirt (and it was SO EASY!).  Next was to find a shirt for my 4  year old to wear with it.  I knew I wanted to customize it to coordinate with her new skirt, but I also wanted it to be wash friendly.  In comes the white shirt - cheap, plain, and bleachable.........perfect!  Ok, now to make it coordinate and keep it bleachable, which meant it needed to be removable.  

Then I had a lightbulb moment!

I've really gotten in to bow making lately and have seen a lot of cotton baby hats with a little "tag" or "loop" if you will where the clip of the flower/bow slips in.  Of course!  I could sew a little tag onto the shirt so that I can not only remove the embellishment and wash the shirt, but I could also use it to customize with other outfits!  AWESOME!

All I did was to take about 2-2.5" of white grosgrain ribbon.  You can either heat seal the ends (with a candle or lighter - just enough to slightly melt the ends) or use fray-check.  Then I folded the ribbon into 3rds and did a quick sew job onto the shirt!

For the flowers, I wanted to make a few to make them interchangeable and also have at least one for her hair.  As of right now I just have 2, but I still have extra fabric so I'll be expanding on that ;)

The first one I made was a simple twisted rosette.  You can find hundreds of tutorials on making these so I won't bore you with the details.  {see the finishing steps for the flower below}

Then I decided to take a strip of the leftover pieced fabric to make a gathered, layered flower.  This is so easy it's almost sad ;)  

Simply take your strip of fabric, set the tension on your sewing machine to it's highest number, and sew close to the right edge - it will automatically ruffle itself!

Once you're done you'll have this pile of ruffly goodness.

It already tries to "flower" itself, it just needs a tiny bit of help!  

You have two options here - I chose to hand tack the spirals (around and around and around) with a needle and thread, but it would be just as easy to use hot glue!  I also decided to sew on a big ole button from my random stash.

To finish it off and make it wearable, you need 2 circles of felt (I think I used thin fleece - also non-ravelable), an alligator clip (I like 2 pronged ones) and some hot glue!

Your first circle will just be glued to the back of the flower.

On the second circle, lay your clip on it to see where the hinge of the clip hits and make a slit big enough to stick the TOP of the clip in.

It will look like this once you slip the top of the clip in.

Squeeze on some hot glut and slip that baby back in so that it's glued like this.

Then squeeze the hot glue all over that same side and glue it to your flower!

It's all ready to slip into the loop/tag that you sewed onto your shirt!
{do you know how hard it is to take pictures of your own hands doing things?}

Here's what mine looks like all together:

I'm hoping to snap some portraits of my dolly in it soon!

So she's got 2 flowers (right now) and can choose which one she wants on her shirt and which one she wants in her hair/crocheted headband/crocheted hat!  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE things that coordinate like this!  The only thing I didn't already have was the shirt - pretty cheap customization if ya ask me ;)

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  3. I've seen these everywhere too, but have yet to try one. It really makes the outfit!

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