I know, I know, it's Wednesday, but I didn't think about it until late so it just had to wait until today! ;)

In lieu of birthday gifts, our kids get mini-trips with mom and dad (no siblings allowed).  Last weekend we went on Jazlyn's trip - to see Romeo & Juliet ballet!  We stayed in downtown Denver (she's not stayed there before) up on the 12th floor (a big deal to her!).  Many of you know that I'm HORRIBLE afraid of heights (seriously, it's a struggle to paint the wall where it meets the ceiling!) so you can bet that I did NOT look out the window to take this (which, btw, had NO SCREEN!) but I did stick my phone out and snap the picture, lol!

To Jazlyn, the whole purpose of staying in a motel is to swim.  Well, this hotel only had a hot tub - OUTDOORS!  But she thought it was great.  Hubby and I FROZE (it was something like 22 degrees out) but she thought it was GREAT! LOL
They have these fun man and lady statues (?) in the performing arts complex in Denver.  They're quite large!
Front and Center waiting for the ballet to start!  While sitting in the middle was great for the view, it wasn't so great for getting in and out during the intermissions.  Ah well, she loved it, that's what matters :)
And last but not least is an visual update on the little one's burns.  They look AMAZING compared to a week ago!  Bandages are officially of, new skin is sealed and looks great, and infection is no where to be found!  Hooray!


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