Well, I didn't :)  Back at the end of March I was given the opportunity to move into a new studio (I'm a photographer if you didn't know) - twice the space, and I had to jump on it!  Course that meant new decor for the new space and a shoestring budget to do it on.

Good news is - I did it all for about $100 (except for prints)!!!!  Bad news?  It kept me SUPER busy, first redoing furniture, sewing, lots of cricut work, then the actual move, then the actual decorating, and now everyone wants to come see it!  I didn't do a lot of "before" pictures but I'll dig up what I can ;)

Here are some pics to share:

Remember this?
Well here she is now!  With pics of my OWN kids - I know right?!  I painted it all black, and then couldn't find papers I wanted to put in the spaces, so I printed my own and worked a little modge podge magic before distressing and gluing on magnet clips!

In the picture above and also here:
you can see some of my junk stash. 
A (already black!) screen door I picked up during the town trash pick-up, adorned with the sheet music wreath I stole from above my piano ;)  In front of it is my $10 garage sale trunk (again, already black!) that holds a few of my huge fabric drops.  
The chairs on either side, haha, the one on the right was a garage sale reject - it was sitting at the curb, free, after a multi-day sale.  It's been sitting around waiting for a new life, and this was the perfect opportunity!  A coat of black spray paint and a recovered cushion (from our old dining room valance, haha!) and it's fabulous!  The other chair was an $8 thrift store find, that was a hideous putrid green vinyl.  More black paint and more old curtains and it's MUCH nicer ;)
Curtains were meant to be only drop cloth curtains but they shrunk HORRIBLY, so I cut up an old skirt and extended them.  Still now sure I love them, but they work!

Now let me show you the first wall gallery:
This is actually the FIRST thing you see when you walk into the new studio and I LOVE it!  Would you believe I had ALL of these already in my stash?  Even the window!  All got coats of black spray paint, and I used my cricut to put a beautiful saying about memories on the window (don't judge my application - still trying to figure that out!).  Aren't my clients ADORABLE?!?!?!?

On the other side of the front room is my "office area" - consisting of a row of cabinets (this used to house a coffee bar type area!  haha!) with lots of much needed storage, in addition to another wall gallery made of an 8-paned window and, you guessed it, more black spray paint!
There's my logo courtesy of Cricut and black vinyl!  wahoo!  Did you notice the lamp?  It's made out of a light stand that I don't use and a lamp kit - wahlah!

The next room is the shooting room.  Everything in here does double duty :)  First, the obvious shooting area:
This has already changed - that wall (under the papers) is now adorned with 100+ year old tin ceiling tile (droooooooooool).  It's FABULOUS!

Across the room is:
My ugly brown couch (but oh so comfy!) got a new (nearly no-sew) slipcover out of drop cloths (yay!) and combined with my fabulous old doors from a 1915 house, they make a great place to photograph families!
And then there's the console........this this is HEAVY........and was super ugly in it's 1970's (?) orangish veneer glory.  Nothing a nice few coats of black spray paint can't handle, and some roughing up with the sander!  Combined with MORE frames from my stash and I LOVE it - I had a newborn baby boy on there last week - yummy!
And last but not least, are my outside signs:
A couple of 1x12s and 1x4s fit perfectly to use the white glue crackle technique.  I used my cricut to cut me a stencil of my logo and tadah!

And here is my front door signage:

I cut the white out of "permanent" outdoor vinyl and placed it on the outside, then took a sheet of regular black vinyl and put it on the inside of the door.  I love it and it's worn GREAT!

Well, I think I've overwhelmed you enough with all this post after such a long break!  hehe...........I do have more - but it'll have to wait!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


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  1. AWESOME! I think I'm going to go put my baby on our dresser and take some pics now! Great ideas!

  2. by the way - something in your layout is making it super hard to post a comment. The captcha code comes up, but no box to type it in. I hit tab and then found the box that way. You may want to fiddle with it a bit in case people can't figure it out!

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